AFOLUAgriculture, Forestry and Land Use
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Cabe destacar que, segun el IPCC, han disminuido las emisiones de CO2 del sector AFOLU y se proyecta que seguiran cayendo en el futuro.
Pero existen otras medidas de mitigacion dentro del sector AFOLU, vinculadas con el uso y cambio de uso de suelos y que son vistas como las de mayor potencial para remover carbono de la atmosfera a un costo menor, de modo de alcanzar la meta de mantener el aumento de temperatura por debajo de dos grados.
479) That price tag, moreover, could climb somewhat in later years, to the extent that first-funded projects pick off the "low-hanging fruit," (480) or if the international pursuit of fossil fuel phase-out is much further delayed, thus requiring additional sequestration from the AFOLU side of the global C[O.
pdf (explaining that the private sector has been seeking the low-hanging fruit in the voluntary carbon trading market); Fifth Assessment Report, supra note 455, at 864 (explaining that the current AFOLU projects are marginal from the global perspective).
Due to the investment of Green Resources AS in Uchindile and Mapanda, and the commitment of VCS in establishing a rigorous verification standard, it is now possible for us to offer clients high quality, verified VCS AFOLU carbon credits.
The VCS AFOLU standard is providing the essential guarantee that forestry can provide high quality, credible emissions reductions which should inspire confidence in the market to increase demand for more projects like this.
Such systems would be intended to softly reconcile estimates and underlying methodologies, to facilitate dissemination of information, to identify hotspots of land emissions and to prioritize effective and efficient climate action in AFOLU, at global scale (mitigation and risk management).
These emissions continue to increase, they are not growing as fast as emissions from fossil fuel use in other sectors, so the share of AFOLU out of total anthropogenic emissions is decreasing over time.