AFOLUAgriculture, Forestry and Land Use
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479) That price tag, moreover, could climb somewhat in later years, to the extent that first-funded projects pick off the "low-hanging fruit," (480) or if the international pursuit of fossil fuel phase-out is much further delayed, thus requiring additional sequestration from the AFOLU side of the global C[O.
Global Green Carbon Corporation (GGC) is a world-wide project developer of carbon financed AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use) initiatives.
Due to the investment of Green Resources AS in Uchindile and Mapanda, and the commitment of VCS in establishing a rigorous verification standard, it is now possible for us to offer clients high quality, verified VCS AFOLU carbon credits.
These emissions continue to increase, they are not growing as fast as emissions from fossil fuel use in other sectors, so the share of AFOLU out of total anthropogenic emissions is decreasing over time.