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AFORAlternative Form of Regulation (governmental business regulation)
AFORArmy Forces
AFORAssociation for Orthopaedic Research (Switzerland)
AFORAutomated Forces
AFORAdvances in Futures and Options Research (finance)
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AFOR whatever reason, she's not interested so give up the emails and texts.
U S WEST first filed a proposed AFOR plan in October 1997.
AFOR short-term savings, building societies are often the only option.
AFOR cheap and cheerful, Florida doesn't seem a bad bet with some of the package deals on offer.
Karen Coleman, by email AFOR sowing now try some of the open, leafy lettuce varieties such as oak-leaf or a salad mixture.
AFOR those who are too young to remember the last time it was an issue, gazumping is what happens when a seller - having already agreed a sale - subsequently accepts a higher offer from someone else.
AFOR total eradication of pinworm infection, it is important that all members of the household are treated on the same day, even if they do not appear to have any symptoms.
AFOR differs from general rate making in that on a yearly basis
AFOR beginners the classic "one day of rest between workouts" is a good guide.
AFOR a start, stop thinking there is something wrong with you.
AFOR simplicity, it might be beneficial but you should look at each plan separately.
AFOR the definitive guide to winter snowsports in Scotland, get a copy of the Ski-Scotland & Winter Activities brochure.