AFORDAlliance for Democracy (Malawi)
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(10) Merging FA 34 into Branch 35 establishes equitable opportunity for offcers, afords greater flexibility in managing assignments, and aligns personnel to authorizations.
The acquisition of Aford by the newly incorporated company took place on Monday.
Hopefully, as the economy rights itself and the uncertainty of the NCUA assessment amounts stabilize, credit unions will be able to find and aford to take on mergers of the fallen.
Political parties: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP, ruling party), United Democratic Front (UDF), Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), Malawi Forum for Development (MAFUNDE), Maravi People's Party (MPP), New Rainbow Coalition (NARC), New Republican Party (NRP), People's Progressive Movement (PPM), People's Transformation Party (PETRA), Republican Party (RP), and Congress for National Unity (CONU).
The government guaranteed that would happen by creating all the conditions necessary for a credit and housing bubble: interest rates near zero, pressure on banks to provide mortgages to people who couldn't aford them, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buying up debt in the secondary mortgage market, and so on.
A judge yesterday told her that anyone passing at the time could have been killed, after hearinghowbricks fromthewall fell onto aFord Mondeo parked in the driveway of the house.
At 500 litres, the split-level boot is up there with the best - not bad for a car that's only five inches longer than aFord Fiesta.
He contested the presidency in 1994 on the ticket of the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) which he founded, but lost the elections to Dr Bakili Muluzi of the United Democratic Front.
DOOMED: Ron Bawden and Chris Cackett outside the Premier club, which looks set to close as Burton's Foods says it can no longer aford the upkeep Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT' STAR: Ken Dodd appeared at the club
What they can't aford to do is let matters simmer and give people the impression that United are drifting like a rudderless ship.
However, the vast majority of Muluzi's ministers have been left out of the new cabinet, while several opposition politicians have been included, such as Chakufwa Chihana, the president of the opposition Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) party, who has been named as agriculture minister.