AFOSIAir Force Office of Special Investigations
AFOSIAir Force Office of Specified Intelligence
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Several weeks later, the FCMCT met and, according to an e-mail from the AFOSI detachment commander that was admitted at trial, additional information was provided during this meeting that "raised some concerns" with the AFOSI commander.
(246) Immediately following the initial interrogation, the AFOSI agents interviewed Torres in a different room.
When questioned by AFOSI, she denied the knowing use of cocaine.
The relevant portion of the pretrial agreement stated as follows: Agree to waive any motion regarding my constitutional rights to counsel and my right to remain silent during AFOSI interviews and other questioning conducted by the AFOSI that occurred after I was represented by counsel.
The AFOSI interviewed the appellant, who waived his rights and answered their questions.
Minor created a polygraph support site on AFOSI's internal SharePoint, which familiarized him how to structure the site and use permissions to protect information.
AFOSI is a federal law enforcement agency with responsibility for conducting criminal investigations, counterintelligence, specialized investigative activities, and integrated force protection.
Although Hughes told the authorities he abandoned his air force career because he had gotten "depressed," and assumed a fake identity before settling down in California, the AFOSI authorities said there were a number of questions that still remain unanswered regarding his disappearance, which will be revealed as investigation into his actions continued.
The advanced course is in its second iteration, but AFOSI is committed to the process and has already started to integrate the cognitive interviewing techniques into the basic level training.
Earlier, he was a special agent and computer crime investigator for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).
Dove (478) AFOSI SMSgt Jane Tomlin 327-1420; DSN Gaston 497 AFSOC CMSgt John (850) ANG SMSgt Writer 884-7640; DSN Roderick 579 Lewis AFSPC Ms.