AFOSRAir Force Office of Scientific Research
AFOSRAir Force Overseas Ribbon
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The GAO first attempted to determine under what authority the AFOSR and the DOE entered into the agreement.
Christe is also active as a research professor at the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute of the University of Southern California with funding from the National Science Foundation, AFOSR, and DARPA.
Timothy and Janet Williams, "Bat Collisions with High Performance Aircraft," Air Force Office of Scientific Research, AFOSR 67-2510, Nov.
Schwartz's office, known as AFOSR, is one of 10 directorates within the Air Force Research Laboratory.
Moyer, who was an AFOSR University Resident Research Program Fellow.
The AFOSR has continuously supported these conferences since the first meeting in Nashville, TN in 2003.
This year, AFOSR received 234 proposals in response to the AFOSR broad agency announcement solicitation in major areas of interest to the Air Force.
Yang is currently PI on a number of active grants in the areas of research, education and equipment, from AFOSR and NSF.
This research was supported by World Class University (WCU), US-Korea NBIT, Mid-Career Researcher (MCR), Converging Research Center (CRC) and Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) programs through the National Research Foundation (NRF), of Korea funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Minister Choi Mun-Kee), US Air Force Office of Scientific Research through Asian Office of Aerospace R&D (AFOSR-AOARD), and AFOSR.
224218 through Poznan University of Technology, and the AFOSR Grant FA8655-08-1-3018.
This work is supported by AFOSR and the Air Force Research Laboratory.
One can say without exaggeration that the financial and intellectual support of the AFOSR influences the direction of basic research in nearly every technical field with military relevance.