AFOTECAir Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center
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In addition to fine-tuning SATAF, training, and cutover plans to deploy DEAMS throughout the rest of the Air Force, the DEAMS FMO has resolved many of the deficiencies identified in a report following last year's Operational Assessment and continues to work with the AFOTEC to address the remaining deficiencies.
I view the AFOTEC capability-based rating system as a well-intentioned process improvement to make their products more meaningful and responsive to the warfighter.
As directed by SAF/AQ in the Program Management Document, AFOTEC will defer this COI until Joint Direct Attack Munition development has been completed.
Airman Magazine: You spoke of AFOTEC informing and influencing national resource decisions.
AFOTEC is the Air Force's independent test agency responsible for testing new systems being developed for Air Force and multi-service use under operationally realistic conditions.
From concept development to system fielding, AFOTEC maintains an operational focus ensuring our Airmen, and often joint and coalition partners, receive the capabilities required to complete their missions more effectively and with less risk.
He commanded the Avionics Maintenance Squadron at Kunsan AB, Korea, and the Field Maintenance Squadron at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio; was an F-4 Avionics Staff Officer at HQ TAC; a depot inspector on the AFLC IG team; and a division chief at Hq AFOTEC.
In support of the Predator's operational suitability, AFOTEC cited the ability to
The Symposium will be held in conjunction with a combined T&E conference with participation by the AFOTEC Center and the AF Materiel Command.
Sargeant, AFOTEC commander at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.
The goal of the AFOTEC test is to estimate the prospective system's operational effectiveness and suitability in as realistic an operational environment as possible.
AFOTEC specialists are developing a new technology process--from concept to system fielding--and strive to be involved with these programs as early as possible.