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AFPAgence France-Presse (French press agency)
AFPAlpha Fetoprotein (hepatitis B test)
AFPAssociation for Financial Professionals
AFPAssociation of Fundraising Professionals
AFPArmed Forces of the Philippines
AFPAustralian Federal Police
AFPAcute Flaccid Paralysis (eradicating polio)
AFPAmerican Family Physician (journal)
AFPAdvanced Function Presentation (IBM)
AFPAdvanced Function Printing
AFPAdvanced Functional Programming (International School)
AFPAppleTalk Filing Protocol
AFPAir Force Pamphlet
AFPAssociate Financial Planner (newsgroup)
AFPAlliance des Forces de Progrès (Alliance of the Forces of Progress, Senegal)
AFPArmed Forces Police
AFPAir Force Program
AFPAutomated Fiber Placement
AFPAir Force Plant
AFPAffordable Housing Program
AFPAssociation Française des Polyarthritiques
AFPAdministradora de Fondo de Pensiones (Chile)
AFPArbeitsgemeinschaft für Demokratische Politik
AFPAmerican Family Publishers
AFPAirspace Flow Program
AFPAutomatic Frequency Planning (Cellular)
AFPAutomated Function Prediction
AFPAnti-Freeze Protein
AFPAutomatic Fire Protection
AFPAir Force Publication (USAF)
AFPApproved Funding Program
AFPAlliance Française de Paris (French: French Alliance in Paris; Paris, France)
AFPAdvanced Flexible Processor
AFPApplication for Payment
AFPAssociation of Forensic Physicians (UK)
AFPAward Fee Plan
AFPAccount Fund Profile
AFPAnnual Financial Plan
AFPAdventure Foundation of Pakistan (Islamabad, Pakistan)
AFPAtypical Face Pain (medical)
AFPArmed Forces Publication (DoD)
AFPAssociate Fellow of Photography
AFPApproval for Full Production (Navy)
AFPAsymmetric Fabry-Perot
AFPApproval For Production
AFPAnnual Funding Program
AFPAway From Phone
AFPAssociation of Finnish Pharmacies
AFPAfloat Pre-Positioning Force
AFPApproved Financial Plan
AFPApproved Funding Plan
AFPAuxiliary Feedwater Pump
AFPAdapter Function and Parametric Data Interface
AFPAlternative Financing Products
AFPAllied Fuel Publication
AFPAdaptive Frequency Positioning
AFPAtomic Fues Potential
AFPAll-source Fusion Platoon
AFPAnnual Failure Percent
AFPArmy Functional Proponent
AFPAnnualized Failure Percent
AFPAxial Front Projection
AFPAutomatic Fill Program
AFPAdvanced Financial Programming and Policies (IMF)
AFPAfghan Frontier Post
AFPAtoms for Peace (Inderscience Publishers)
AFPAssociation Française de Pyrotechnie (French: French Pyrotechnics Association; est. 1986)
AFPAmerican Free Press (newspaper)
AFPAlliance for Full Participation (developmental disabilities)
AFPAssociation Française pour la Percussion (French: French Percussion Association)
AFPAgriculture and Food Production (industry sector)
AFPAssociation Française de Psychothérapie (French: French Psychotherapy Association)
AFPApplication for Participation (various locations)
AFPAvian Flu Pandemic
AFPArt for Progress (New York, NY)
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It is the mandate of AFP to safeguard, to respect, and to protect the rights of the citizens).
The transcriptional and epigenetic changes responsible for the rare expression of AFP in primary lung neoplasms are unclear; it has been proposed that cell context may facilitate this process.
Dr Jacob said the increase in the occurrence of non-polio AFP could be directly linked to the massive increase in the dosage of OPV in the name of eradication.
Outside of pregnancy, the AFP test is used to detect liver disease, certain cancers, and to monitor the progress of cancer treatment.
We have met all our commitments and contractual obligations to customers despite the tough environment and it is disappointing that some of our customers aren't meeting their commitments and contractual obligations," the AFP statement said.
The reason total serum AFP has proved suboptimal for early detection of HCC is that it consists of three glycoforms.
Dashe's team offered AFP screening between 15 and 21 weeks of gestation and performed specialized ultrasound for patients with an AFP of at least 2.
AFP noted that Yamaha has pledged both financial and mechanical assistance to Fujiwara.
Employees have 90 days following 1 February to register and those who do not will be enrolled by defacto in the AFP chosen by a majority the majority of their co-workers;
Elevated levels of the tumor markers AFP, hCGB, CEA, and CA 19-9 are apparently a negative indicator for survival.
1259(b)(1) defines an AFP generally as any position with respect to stock, a debt instrument or partnership interest if there would be gain on a taxable disposition of the position at its FMV.
AFP is produced in the developing fetus by both the yolk sac and the fetal liver.