AFPAMAir Force Pamphlet (also AFP)
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As most are aware, the five generally accepted steps (cyclical steps) for conducting risk management, both deliberate and real-time, and outlined in AFPAM 90-803 are as follows:
When we combine the probability and severity for an IED response in a place such as Afghanistan, it can translate into a significant or high risk operation based on a common risk matrix such as what's in AFPAM 90-803.
Further guidance on ORM can be found in AFPAM 90-902, Operational Risk Management (ORM) Guidelines and Tools.
19, 1976) (reissue pending as AFPAM 51-710) [hereinafter AFPAM 110-31], defines the international law of armed conflict as,
1, 17 (1988); AFPAM 110-31, supra note 13, at 1-17 n.
This information has been extracted from AFPAM 91-216.
Editor's note: Draft Revision to AFPAM 90-902 submitted by ACC/SEF.