AFPBAgriculture and Farmland Protection Board (New York)
AFPBAir Force Publishing Bulletin (USAF)
AFPBAsymmetric Four-Point Bending (composite materials)
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Under current Air Force guidelines, the AFPB operates as the initial review directly from the SCA, and the board is given wide latitude to recommend to the Secretary of the Air Force the following options: honorable or general discharge, return the case for a board of inquiry or take "proper action [after] determining that unusual circumstances warrant different procedures."(88) Finally, staff judge advocate (SJA) involvement, and other appropriate examination of legal issues raised by the officer, occur during this process.(89)
In GOSCA-initiated actions, the formal legal review and recommendation should be focused towards a Holley standard or one that ensures a similar level of analysis of the facts and law.(98) The legal criteria for recommending a board of inquiry should be comparable to that currently offered by the Air Force's AFPB process.
1.2 (role of SJA), 4.14 (Commander's Responsibilities), 4.22 (Delegating Administrative Actions), 4.26 (SCA determinations), 6.3 (officers or their counsel may appear before AFPB proceedings if necessary under the circumstances).