AFPCSAustralian Fair Pay Conditions Standard
AFPCSAustralian Fair Pay Commission Secretariat
AFPCSAlliance for Progress Charter School (Philadelphia, PA)
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Of the respondents who reported a positive change in their wages over the previous 12 months, only 29 per cent reported that it was due to the decision of the AFPC. However, an equal percentage of respondents were unsure whether the increase was due to the AFPC.
This includes assessing the pervasiveness and likelihood of various types of fraud and the design and effectiveness of AFPC. This process of continuous monitoring and adjustment is essential, given the evolving, dynamic nature of fraud and fraud schemes.
The overall impact of AFPCS needs to be understood however in
the AFPCS Work Choices removed minimum wage determination including the
standards than the AFPCS all of the five minima in the latter with the
It removed parental leave from the list of matters that can continue to be contained in awards, (37) although parental leave provisions that are 'more generous' to the employee than the statutory minima contained in the AFPCS continue in awards as 'preserved award terms', subject to a number of conditions.
Part 12 Division 6 (see s 689) extends the parental leave entitlements to employees in Australia who are not covered by the AFPCS. In relation to the Victorian referral of legislative power to the Commonwealth, see s 862(b).
(40) Workplace agreements cannot undercut the AFPCS: WR Act s 172, s 173.
The WorkChoices Act encourages employers to adopt AWAs by making them as easy to make as common law employment contracts and by substantially enhancing their capacity to reduce wages and conditions to the level of the AFPCS. We would also submit that the WorkChoices Act also makes it easier for employers to use AWAs by reducing any capacity employees may have had to resist their introduction.