AFPDAir Force Policy Directive
AFPDAmador Fire Protection District (California)
AFPDAerofly Professional Deluxe
AFPDAssistant Federal Public Defender (attorney)
AFPDAppletalk Filing Protocol Daemon
AFPDAvailable Force Pool Date (US Army)
AFPDAuthorization for Program Development
AFPDArmed Forces Police Detachment/Department
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The AFPD is known mostly for its once extensive tracts of rainforests (ombrophilous forests) located close to the coast (and thus receiving more rain from the ocean).
AFPD 13-6, Space Policy, 13 August 2013, 2, http://static.
Currently, AFPD produces some 45,000 high-level LTPS TFT-LCD substrates sized 730mm x 920mm.
Processes and examples of how to determine critical performance parameters should be included in the next AFPD 10-601 update.
AFPD 33-3 embodies the AF information management strategy for enterprise-wide implementation of information asset management (IAM).
Even the core policy document AFPD 36-26, Total Force Development, fails to mention anything remotely related to outsourcing or contractors.
com/research/4631cb/auos_afpd_acquisi) has announced the addition of the "AUO's AFPD Acquisition and Its Implications for Small- and Medium-size Panel Industry Development" report to their offering.
Further, AFPD 38-1 outlines more organizational principles (examined in the following section) that build upon those in AFI 38-101.
1993) [hereinafter AFPD 51-4] (defining the term "weapon" for the purpose of the policy directive and expressly excluding "aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and other launch platforms" from that definition).
The program, offered exclusively through AFPD, covers a firm's partners, employed attorneys, attorneys under contract from an outside agency and independent contractors for claims that allege wrongful acts, errors or omissions arising from the provision of legal services.
Air Force rescue's ailments and resultant shortfalls stem from an inability to meet the responsibilities specified in AFPD 10-30.
In late April, Taiwan's AUO announced a full acquisition of AFPD Pte.