AFPDSAdvanced Function Printing Data Stream
AFPDSAdvanced Function Presentation Data Stream
AFPDSAdvanced Fire Protection Deluge System
AFPDSAir Force Personnel Data System
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The IE, model accepts AFPDS (IBM's Advance Function Presentation Data Stream) formatted data, enables mixplex (the ability to draw paper stock from a variety of feeder trays) capability and an ergonomically designed, space-saving footprint.
The dual emulation feature enables users to print either network (PostScript) or host-based AFPDS (IBM's Advanced Function Presentation Data Stream) generated applications on the same system.
The resulting output can then be offered in print-ready form - in PostScript, AFPDS or PCL format, for example - and then printed and/or converted to PDF, HTML or XML documents, e-mailed or faxed.
In its initial offering, Phase One will accept AFPDS data stream, and print IPDS format on all Delphax ImageFast Series IE printers; and accept Xerox conditioned data stream on Delphax ImageFast Series 180 IE cut-sheet printers, outputting to IPDS format.