AFPEAssociation for Physical Education
AFPEAmerican Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education
AFPEAction de Formation Préalable à l’Embauche (French job training)
AFPEAdvanced Food Processing Equipment, Inc
AFPEAir Force Preliminary Evaluation
AFPEAssociation de la Femme pour la Protection de l'Environnement (French: Women's Environmental Protection Association)
AFPEAtlantic Fire Protection Engineering (Chesapeake, VA)
AFPEAssociation pour les Formations aux Professions Educatives et Sociales (French: Association for Training in the Educational and Social Professions)
AFPEAssociation Française pour la Protection des Eaux (French: Association for the Protection of French Waters)
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AFPE has several events including Dog Training with Renee.
Head over to the Adoption Dog Makeovers and see the AFPE extreme makeover team demonstrate how to properly bathe and groom a dog, while enjoying quality time together.
AFPE will move its offices in early 2013 from Rockville, MD to AAPS headquarters in Arlington, VA to attain closer communication about common goals and to boost the opportunities to organize activities which advance pharmaceutical science education.
executive director of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, said, "AAPS has had a strong partnership with AFPE for many years.
Chair of AFPE Board of Directors, said, "This alliance is a major milestone in realizing our mutual goal to support the education of pharmaceutical scientists for productive careers in industry, academia, and government.
AFPE Campaign Is First Major Initiative to Attract New Pharmacy Faculty
Specifically, the $12 million scholarship program will help AFPE fund up to:
However, it is only part of the solution," said Bob Bachman, AFPE President.
5 million and represent gifts by AFPE board members, major pharmaceutical companies and prominent leaders in pharmacy.