AFPFAmericans for Prosperity Foundation (Washington, DC)
AFPFAlfred Friendly Press Fellowships (journalism)
AFPFAlliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam
AFPFAssociation Française pour la Production Fourragère (French)
AFPFAtlantic Fisheries Policy Framework (Canada)
AFPFAustralian Federal Police Force
AFPFAssociation Française des Professeurs de Français (French: French Association of French Professors)
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Method Ts (s) aTpFs (s) Tr (s) DE 130 .03 [+ or -] .01[sigma] 114 UID 210 .06 [+ or -] .03[sigma] 525 UID2E 201 .06 [+ or -] .03[sigma] 384 Method aTpFr (s) NIF aFpF DE .03 [+ or -] .03[sigma] 1294 35.4 [+ or -] 9.7[sigma] UID .15 [+ or -] .14[sigma] 2126 59.0 [+ or -] 13[sigma] UID2E .11 [+ or -] .10[sigma] 2304 59.3 [+ or -] 13[sigma] Method aNFRpF DE 1.0 [+ or -] 2.2[sigma] UID 2.1 [+ or -] 3.8[sigma] UID2E 2.6 [+ or -] 4.2[sigma] TABLE 2: Experimental results obtained under outdoor conditions.
Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi accompanied by the state's Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain attended this function in which around 200 semi automatic weapons and ammunition were distributed to the personnel of AFPF.
Later Gogoi flagged off 50 personnel of the AFPF to take over the charge of the Kaziranga National Park, famous for the one-horned Asian rhinoceros, elephants and tigers.
Munene's mentors are Star/Creators Syndicate columnist Rhonda Lokeman and Star Deputy Managing Editor Randall Smith, also an AFPF advisory committee member.
During the past 23 years, the AFPF has trained 248 journalists from 77 countries.
Robert Holloway, the director of AFPF and a former editor in chief of the AFP news agency, told The Daily Star that the media's role in conflict was not unique to Lebanon.
The Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam (AFPF) of Arlington, VA, has recently published Installation Guidelines for Commercial Carpet and Commercial Bonded Polyurethane Carpet Cushion, outlining step-by-step procedures for installing commercial carpet with commercial bonded polyurethane carpet cushion using the double-glue method of installation.
Sirek, AFPF, 2000 L St., N.W., Suite 200, Washington, D.C.
The acoustical research, jointly sponsored by the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam (AFPF) and the Carpet Cushion Council (CCC) and conducted by Intertek Testing Services (ITS), measured the sound-absorbing capacity of commercial cushion under carpet.
Conducted by the Houston-based International Facility Managers Association (IFMA) for the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam (AFPF), the study also asked where users were most likely to install cushion; 87 percent of carpet cushion users cited the likelihood of installing carpet cushion in public spaces, such as lobbies, and prestigious settings such as executive suites and conference rooms.