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Later on in 2013, Holbert et al assessed the reliability of the AFPH scale and found strong internal consistency amongst 11-items of the scale.
relationship between political comedy shows and affinity for political humor (AFPH), Pearson Chi-Square has been employed to data.
Hence, statistical analysis demonstrates that only age has significant relationship with affinity for political humor (AFPH), however, rest of the factors i.e.
Relationship of demographic factors with affinity for political humor (AFPH)
demographic factors, types of media, TV program genres and AFPH) have been included by following enter method.
Finally, AFPH has been added and its R-square value is recorded 23.6 %.
morning news shows, political talk shows and news bulletin) and affinity for political humor (AFPH), bring change in R-square value and subsequently significant change is caused in exposure to political satire shows.
Insofar as beta score is concerned, it reveals that income ([beta]= .146, p< 0.05), newspapers ([beta]= .137, p< 0.05), radio ([beta]= .110, p< 0.05), private news channels ([beta]= .149, p< 0.05), morning news shows ([beta] = .117, p< 0.05), political talk shows ([beta]= .201, p< 0.05), and news bulletins ([beta]= .250, p< 0.05) and AFPH ([beta]= .139, p 0.05), gender ([beta]=.
Finally, it has been found that AFPH retains a statistically significant, positive relationship with political comedy shows exposure, as AFPH accounts for a statistically significant amount of variance (R2= 23.6 %, p< .001), and AFPH ([beta]= .139, p= .02) is a significant predictor of political comedy shows.