AFPRCArmed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (Gambia)
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As part of the transition process, the AFPRC established the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) through decree in March 1995.
But Jammeh's response to the suggestion of a return to civilian Government in the meantime was that since the Cabinet of the AFPRC was two-thirds civilian anyway, it made little sense to change what was already a functioning Government.
But problems with this position were dramatically underlined on the day of the ceremony for the handing over of the report to the AFPRC.
That morning both the AFPRC Minister of the Interior, Captain Hydara, and Vice-President Captain Sabally, were accused of attempting to overthrow Captain Jammeh by force and, after a few shots fired in and around the State House, were promptly dispatched to Mile 2 Prison on treason charges.
It appears that the AFPRC had had plenty of time to discuss it, and that it had widened the already existing cracks within the leadership.