AFQApplication for Qualification
AFQAward for Quality (Premier Healthcare Alliance)
AFQAvailable Frame Queue
AFQAll Fully Qualified (US DoD)
AFQArt of Feather Quilting (Allen book)
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15: Afq' el-kisi "he took out his purse." This is the third masculine singular C-stem perfective form of the root n-p-q 'to go out', followed by the referential object marker el- and an anticipatory third masculine singular object suffix (which has been elided).
Post hoc analyses showed that the cohort difference was attributable to a lower mean occurring in the Class of 1993 while the Class of 1992 showed higher means (significant differences occurred on AFQ: '93 [less than] '92 and '93 [less than] '94; OfferAlc: '93 [less than] '92; Ride: '93 [less than] '92 and '94 [less than] '92; Table 1).
(8)The AFQ test on basic skills is an imperfect measure of ability in the NLSY because sample respondents were all tested in the same survey year, 1981, and so respondents were of different ages and had acquired different levels of education at the time of testing.
All data on the labor force participation, employment status, and occupations of college graduates were collected via the Alumni Feedback Questionnaire (AFQ) (Welsh, 1986, 1988), a survey sent annually to all deaf RIT graduates.
The company said that it plans to redeem the notes, which are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol AFQ, on 30 September 2015.
The third article within this series reports on the development of an alternative psychometrically sound instrument, the Avoidance and Fusion Questionnaire (AFQ), for measurement of experiential acceptance/avoidance.
The AFQ was developed as a measure of EA in children and adolescents.