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Asaad noted that the water of Afqa spring today flows naturally between the rocks of a 400-meter long cave inside al-Mintar Mountain to irrigate the palm oasis and the olive trees.
Asaad explained that the remains of the stairs, the niche, the altar and the table, which comprise the holy temple of the god of the spring / Afqa /, which means in the language of Palmyra the sunrise or the start, still exist at the outlet of the cave.
The natural hot mineral spring resort of Nabe al-Hayat (Fountain of Life), located in Jbab Village in Daraa, southern Syria, has been acquiring an increasing fame for the various therapeutic services it offers.Tourists and patients come from foreign and Arab countries seeking natural treatments among other services available at the resort.Bana said there are many sites in Syria which could be invested in therapeutic tourism in the future such as the sulfuric and mineral springs including Abou Rabah Bathhouses in Homs, Queen Zenobia and Afqa Spring in Palmyra and others.
23 at the "Lady of the Mountain" monastery in the town of Afqa in the district of Jbeil, according to Soueid.
The Syrian-American expedition has conducted many topographical surveys at an archeological hill to the east of Afqa Spring which believed to contain a temple for goddess Atargis in addition to discovering some clay pieces and bronze coins.
Qabalan also met with the mayor of the village of the Jbeil region's mountainous village of Afqa, Mohsen Zeaiter, and discussed the issue of land disputes in Lassa and its neighboring areas.
It is hoped that the festival, inaugurated by Tourism Ministry representatives on behalf of Minister Fadi Abboud, will help to attract tourists to the more than 60-kilometer stretch which follows the river from its source in Afqa, Mount Lebanon, to its mouth between the coastal towns of Jounieh and Byblos.