AFQTArmed Forces Qualification Test
AFQTAlliance for Quality Teaching (Colorado)
AFQTAir Force Officers Qualifying Test
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The left (right) two columns contain mean and standard deviations for White workers' (Black workers') scores on the AFQT, the percentage of those workers with only a high school diploma or below, their hourly wages, the percentile rank of their occupation in terms of [alpha], and the complexity of tasks performed there.
the AFQT are in the middle class or higher-income brackets when they
Average AFQT percentile in our sample (62nd percentile) is near the universal median, though we are missing AFQT score for a quarter of our sample (including all individuals who entered the military prior to 1987, the earliest date at which we can observe service-member characteristics).
The purpose of the empirical analysis reported in table 8 is to determine whether these differences in the AFQT measure of cognitive ability can explain any share of the higher relative rate of dropout behavior among low-SES boys in high-inequality places.
(10.) Respondents were administered the AFQT in 1980 at age 15-23.
Other independent variables include the AFQT score, the number of siblings, the region of the country where the respondent currently lives, the amount of education of the mother and father, age, gender, race, and Hispanic origin.
(13) The AFQT is administered by the military to determine qualification for enlistment.
I will focus on the composite AFQT score, which is used as a screening device by the military and has been used in many previous economic studies.
Among Hispanic and white men, the pay gap narrows to 8 percent after adjusting for years of schooling and disappears altogether with the addition of AFQT scores.
divided women into high, medium, and low skill categories based on their Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) scores.