AFQTArmed Forces Qualification Test
AFQTAlliance for Quality Teaching (Colorado)
AFQTAir Force Officers Qualifying Test
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The AFQT scores were constructed from the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which was administered to both the 1979 and 1997 cohorts.
Higher AFQT scores and noncognitive skills measured by ASVAB coding speed were associated with lower odds of having a first long-term spell.
The purpose of the empirical analysis reported in table 8 is to determine whether these differences in the AFQT measure of cognitive ability can explain any share of the higher relative rate of dropout behavior among low-SES boys in high-inequality places.
Note that we do not include the AFQT score in the primary model because it is an outcome of being first-born.
13) The AFQT is administered by the military to determine qualification for enlistment.
A higher birthweight, a higher maternal education, and a higher AFQT score all imply a higher cognitive ability endowment.
I will focus on the composite AFQT score, which is used as a screening device by the military and has been used in many previous economic studies.
Among Hispanic and white men, the pay gap narrows to 8 percent after adjusting for years of schooling and disappears altogether with the addition of AFQT scores.
We have suggested two ways to improve immigrant quality: a point system that gives immigrants credit for easily observable characteristics and a more detailed testing system that uses tests such as the AFQT.
For example, Rodgers and Spriggs's (1996) analysis showed that the verbal component of the AFQT (a commonly used measure of cognitive skills) and its mathematical component may produce different effects that vary by race.
In addition, the following maternal and family characteristics at child birth were included: ethnicity ([Hispanic, black] by omitting white as a reference group), age in years, years of completed education, marital status (married = 1, else = 0), number of other children, family income-to-needs ratio, and maternal AFQT intelligence.
Each specification also includes the age-adjusted AFQT score, county-level unemployment rate, region of residence.