AFQTArmed Forces Qualification Test
AFQTAlliance for Quality Teaching (Colorado)
AFQTAir Force Officers Qualifying Test
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A higher birthweight, a higher maternal education, and a higher AFQT score all imply a higher cognitive ability endowment.
I will focus on the composite AFQT score, which is used as a screening device by the military and has been used in many previous economic studies.
Among Hispanic and white men, the pay gap narrows to 8 percent after adjusting for years of schooling and disappears altogether with the addition of AFQT scores.
We have suggested two ways to improve immigrant quality: a point system that gives immigrants credit for easily observable characteristics and a more detailed testing system that uses tests such as the AFQT.
Army recruiters were instructed to find young men who had a high school diploma and an AFQT score of 50 or higher, which means that recruits had to be from the top half of the mental test distribution.
tank gunner who had a Category IV AFQT score with one who was Category
To assure comparability of AFQT scores, the study design included matching respondents by age.
AFQT scores reflect achieved academic ability as well as innate cognitive ability and are not the same as IQ test scores, in this section, we present estimates from three empirical studies that model the effects of cognitive ability, proxied by AFQT scores, on earnings in young adults.
The number of enlistees scoring in the top half of the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) has dropped by a third since the mid-1990s, although in FY 2000 Army recruiters achieved a 22-percent increase in "high quality recruits, defined as high-school graduates who scored high" on the AFQT.
Ironically, the authors delete from their composite AFQT score, a timed test of numerical operations because it is not highly correlated with the other tests.