AFRDAgriculture, Food and Rural Development
AFRDAccelerator and Fusion Research Division (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Berkeley, CA)
AFRDAssociation for Farmers Rights Defense (Tbilisi, Georgia)
AFRDAverage Fading Rate Duration
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Objective: to analyze the level of physical fitness related to performance (AFRD) of adolescents practicing volleyball in the municipality of Santa Luzia-PB.
Os escolares praticantes de voleibol da cidade de Santa Luzia-PB do sexo masculino apresentaram AFRD melhores que seus congeneres femininos, entretanto, o tipo de escola nao parece ter influencia sobre a AFRD.
A principal component of ALPHA's atom trap is a superconducting octupole magnet proposed and prototyped in Berkeley Lab's AFRD. It takes ALPHA about 15 minutes to make and capture atoms of antihydrogen in their magnetic trap.
Fajans and his colleagues in AFRD and at UC proposed, designed, and tested the octupole magnet, which was fabricated at Brookhaven.
ALPHA team member Jonathan Wurtele of AFRD, also a professor of physics at UC Berkeley, led a team of Berkeley Lab staff members and visiting scientists who used computer simulations to verify the advantages of the octupole trap.