AFRESAir Force Reserve
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(These aircraft may be retired or transferred to less severe operating locations.) In addition, ANG and AFRES bases that operate C-130s purchased in the same year now have a model that allows them to predict which of their aircraft will require PDM first and to see exactly how PDM intervals are determined/adjusted for their aircraft.
He quickly recognized the importance of having a dual-hatted command structure as not only the chief of Air Force Reserve but also as the commander of Headquarters AFRES.
The agreement was signed by Omar Al Futtaim, the vice chairman, Al-Futtaim, the part owners of Basrec through Al Futtaim Real Estate Services (AFRES), and Mohammed Alshaya, the executive chairman of Alshaya in Dubai this week.
The USAF Reserves (AFRES), in conjunction with the Air National Guard (ANG) and a team of contractors, has recently completed the flight demonstration of an integrated EW suite.
He introduced himself to me and my family at the "Trailers" (also known as family transient quarters) on a blistering hot summer day as we arrived at Robins Air Force Base, Ca., from merry ole England and entered the world of the Air Force Reserve or AFRES, as it was called back then.
Best of all was being part of the Reserve when, in February 1997, we went from being known as "AFRES" to "AFRC" and stood up as an Air Force major command.