AFRHArmed Forces Retirement Home (Washington, DC, USA)
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'It is heartwarming that government, in partnership with AFRH, has picked up the call on the regulation of ART practice, especially with the aim of ending quackery practice.
The ethics committee of AFRH in proceeding with their objective of producing an ethical guide for the practice of assisted conception in Nigeria recognised the need to contextualise ethical principles as it may apply to the Nigerian situation and to collate the views of key stakeholders.
This study captured the views of a wide range of fertility practitioners in Nigeria and some non-practitioners who are interested in the subject matter and attended the conference of the Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health (AFRH).
While some of the practices listed as unethical may not be universally accepted as being unethical and may just represent the personal view of the respondent, it however, does give valuable information on the state of practice of ART in Nigeria and aspects of the practice that AFRH should be worried about.
Most AFRH residents have no family or support, and the typical resident is a 78-year old, single Army veteran.
"The AFRH is a safe and secure haven for those who have served," said W.R.
Meanwhile, the General Services Administration, in consultation with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command and the management of AFRH, is responsible for the planning, design, construction, and contract administration related to the construction of a new facility in Gulfport.
Throughout 2006, AFRH has demonstrated its resolve to uphold the promise Congress made in 1811 to care for retired and eligible veterans.
While the enlisted communities' monetary contributions help provide for AFRH residents' physical needs, visits are equally appreciated and important.