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AFRICOMAfrica Command
AFRICOMInternational Council of African Museums
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Certainly an AFRICOM that coordinates the military policy across the continent is valuable, but this is only one small element of the whole US interaction with Africa.
Is the US military the right instrument for the nation-building effort that AFRICOM apparently envisions?
European Command, said earlier this year that he would like to see 25 percent interagency participation in AFRICOM, but predicted it would be a tough sell.
Pese a lo expuesto, el AFRICOM se basa en un programa de fuerzas de tarea creado en Djibouti tras el 11 de septiembre de 2001 y que tiene un cariz antiterrorista.
And also curious, is AFRICOM a response, sort of, to China's investment in Africa?
Throughout the week, staff experts provided briefings on a variety of programs and topics to educate the journalists on how AFRICOM works with partner nations on the continent.
AFRICOM seeks to create partnership relations with the African armies and to support it through building operational and institutional capacity security programmes.
Although the AFRICOM network would provide the best service, extending it to the tactical environment posed several challenges in terms of equipment, network architecture, and data transmission path.
Through staff talks, conferences, cooperation plans, exercises, and training events, AFRICOM has accessed these nations' strategic and institutional leaders and set the conditions for maturing their enduring sustainment capabilities.
Headquartered in Germany, AFRICOM has been pushing for 'alliances' in a continent that was, for decades, mostly outside the US sphere of influence.
According to the US State Department, AFRICOM "will play a supportive role as Africans continue to build democratic institutions and establish good governance across the continent.
The African unity in opposition and the scale of resistance to AFRICOM took American policy makers by surprise, and many analysts in the U.