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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that there are currently 2,090 residents of Afrin who had been abducted from Northwestern Aleppo are still in custody of the Turkish Army and its allied militants known as 'Olive Fury'.
ANKARA: Turkey announced a curfew in Syria's northern city of Afrin as part of a wide-ranging operation against a rebel faction, the Al-Sharqiyyah Martyrs Gathering, and its allies who have been accused of crimes including kidnapping civilians, robbery, extrajudicial executions and looting.
Research released today reveals that residents in Afrin are enduring a wide range of violations, mostly at the hands of Syrian armed groups that have been equipped and armed by Turkey.
"When the time comes, we will give Afrin to the people of Afrin personally, but the timing of this is up to us, we will determine it, not Mr.
Turkey also plans to begin rendering medical services in 8 hospitals and 11 outpatient clinics in Afrin. Further, Turkey also intends to form local self-government bodies in Afrin.
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the capture of Afrin, previously controlled by the Kurdish militia known as the People's Defense Units, or YPG.
Local and media sources said that Turkish forces and terrorist groups affiliated to them have stormed the residential neighborhoods of Afrin city following heavy shelling carried out during the past few days on the city, which targeted the city's only hospital, in addition to cutting off water and communications to Afrin.
Aleppo [Syria], Feb 19 ( ANI ): Syrian pro-government forces on Monday arrived in Afrin area to support local Kurdish militants, who are fighting Turkish troops in the region.
HASSA, Turkey: Turkish troops and Syrian opposition forces attacked Afrin, a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria Sunday, in their bid to oust from the area a U.S.-allied Kurdish militia, which responded with a hail of rockets on Turkish towns, killing at least one refugee.
The Kurdish-language Hawar News website reported that Afrin Liberation Forces in an ambush operation against the Turkish Army in Afrin-Bastouleh road in Shirawa region killed one Turkish Army soldier and severely wounded seven others.
ANKARA: Ankara officially announced on Friday the opening of a new border crossing between Turkey and the northwestern Syrian city of Afrin.
As part of setting up a local police station in Afrin, thousands of people, who will ensure security in 300 settlements liberated in the Afrin district, will be trained.