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AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory
AFRLAir Force Rome Laboratory (Rome, NY)
AFRLAutomated First Registration & Licensing (UK vehicles)
AFRLApproved Forces Retention Level
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This new approach allowed the AFRL and Northeastern University research team to reduce the size of an antenna by over 90 percent, dramatically changing their potential design space.
Helbach has also co-created the AFRL Entrepreneurial Program, which allows for scientists and engineers to pursue personal business projects utilizing AFRL technology through one-year sabbaticals.
Under a Small Business Innovation Research contract, AFRL and Concurrent Technologies Corporation identified an alternative process for removing plated nickel coatings from aircraft landing gear.
This team also includes 12 small businesses, helping AFRL meet their desire for increased small business participation in high technology programs.
7 million over three years, comes from the AFRL, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and University matching funds.
AFRL conducts groundbreaking research in nine technology directorates, encompassing Air Vehicles, Directed Energy, Human Effectiveness, Information, Materials and Manufacturing, Munitions, Propulsion, Sensors, and Space Vehicles and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
AFRL traces its roots to the vision of airpower pioneers who understood science as key to air supremacy.
AFRL performs research to discover, develop, and integrate advanced technologies for United States Air Force air, space, and cyberspace applications.
The companies recently completed a first-of-its-kind quantum encryption test over free space optical (FSO) links for the AFRL, with funding provided by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
Protonex noted that the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) invited the company to Team Patriot to demonstrate the portable power fuel cell product platform currently being developed under a two-year Dual Use Science and Technology (DUST) program awarded by the AFRL last April.
AFRL developed and delivered what it calls Born Bots.