AFRNArmed Forces Radio Network
AFRNAdvanced First Responder Network (Iraq)
AFRNAgri-Food Research Network (online forum)
AFRNAdaptive Focused Replicator Network
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According to the Department, the settlement resolves allegations which LTWSI submitted claims for payment for equipment, services and contract performance award fees under the AFRN contract based upon inaccurate certifications that LTWSI, from January to July 2005, had performed and successfully completed certain testing of AFRN radio transmission sites, as well as validation of the network as a whole, to ensure the network's proper operation prior to acceptance by the United States and transfer to the Iraqi government.
Antonio McNutt, AFRN program manager for the coalition forces.
We have an Iraqi-operated AFRN network operations center where we are able to respond to trouble tickets and monitor the network remotely.