AFRONETAfrican Network of Human Rights Organizations (Zambia)
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References in periodicals archive ? offers Mobile Web customers daily news updates, business news from around the world, access to personal advertisements, entertainment news, and restaurant and nightlife listings for major cities.
Gary Schulman, president of the new Wireless Data & Internet Division of Verizon Wireless, said, "We are very pleased to provide's rich array of content to Mobile Web users.
Founded in 1995, Afronet offers news, e-mail services, reviews, career assistance, entertainment, community information and shopping.
"We believe that the future of the Internet will belong to those who take advantage of emerging capabilities to bring information and entertainment content to customers throughout the world," says Willie Atterberry, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Afronet. "Wireless content is certain to be a part of this future, and we are proud to be the first in our market to offer this alternative."
Vaughan's Blacknet is linked to Fidonet, which is also linked to AfroNet, a group of nationwide black-owned BBSs'.