AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
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This year, the board considered more than 380 nominees for AFROTC detachment commander positions compared to less than 100 nominees in previous years.
Opportunities for language majors to receive AFROTC scholarships have soared recently--an impressive number of such students could merit these awards.
Note: AROTC = Army ROTC, AFROTC = Air Force ROTC, NROTC = Navy ROTC
AFROTC instructor positions are available for ARC captains, majors and lieutenant colonels only.
USAF Reserve (retired), and a visiting lecturer at UW AFROTC, graduate school programs, University of Washington.
As you can probably surmise, the first group of students mentioned above wasn't a group of AFROTC cadets, while the second group was.
Every single score on the democratic maturity test showed a statistical significant difference between the scores for the AFROTC students and the pre-teacher education students.
Comparing the democratic maturity and self-fulfillment between college AFROTC cadets and upper class college students.
Cadets at the USAF Academy and the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) who began their education in the summer of 1996 will be the first new officers of the twenty-first century, graduating as second lieutenants in the summer of the year 2000.
Air Force for 18 years (10 years active duty, four years in the reserves +4 years in AFROTC) and she embraces and thrives in orderly environments.
O'Brien not only teaches AFROTC classes at Cornell, but, with Air Force funding, is also pursuing his Ph.D.
General Spacy was commissioned in 1987 at California State University-Fresno as an AFROTC distinguished graduate.