AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
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AFROTC instructor positions are available for ARC captains, majors and lieutenant colonels only.
So, this begs the question: "How does AFROTC get these young men and women to come to class every time, pay attention, work hard to get good grades, and stay out of trouble?
He and his wife, Judy, have a son, Paul, who is an AFROTC student at Tulane University in New Orleans.
The Clinton PAV Color guard, the AFROTC Strike Eagles Honor Guard from Worcester and a color guard from the Massachusetts Army National Guard will be represented in the second division.
Commissioning source (active force) USAFA 19% OTS 22% AFROTC 42% other 17% OTS: Officer Training School AFROTC: Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps USAFA: U.
Opportunities for language majors to receive AFROTC scholarships have soared recently--an impressive number of such students could merit these awards.
She successfully pushed for women to be admitted to AFROTC, the first service to do so.
He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1966, earning a regular commission in the USAF as a distinguished AFROTC graduate.
01% TWO OR MORE RACES AF Population by Gender 80% MEN 20% WOMEN Commissioning Source 42% AFROTC 17% OTHER 19% AIR FORCE ACADEMY 22% OTS Enlistment Levels [Active Force] 47% FIRST ENLISTMENT 38% THIRD OR GREATER ENLISTMENT 15% SECOND ENLISTMENT Highest Enlisted Education Attained [Active Force] 81% HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 14% A.
Golda Eldridge, Commander, AFROTC Det 845, Texas Christian University
9) I am not suggesting that Air Force basic-training technical instructors or AFROTC staff become humanities scholars.
Graduating from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, as an AFROTC Distinguished Military Graduate, he went through navigator and "bomb-nav" training before reporting into SAC and joining a B-52 crew.