AFRPAramid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (rebar materials)
AFRPAnadromous Fish Restoration Program
AFRPAnimal Friends Rescue Project (Pacific Grove, CA)
AFRPAramid Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
AFRPAir Force Recurring Periodical
AFRPArcnet Fragmentation Protocol
AFRPAmerican Federation of Railroad Police, Inc.
AFRPAmpa-Fairley Rationalisation Project
AFRPAdvanced Fuel Recycle Program
AFRPArmy First Responder Program
AFRPApproval For Full-Rate Production
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The AFRP Canada goose population in New Jersey doubled during the first five years of the survey.
A full-scale bridge deck slab consisting of full-depth precast panels reinforced and prestressed with aramid fiber-reinforced polymer (AFRP) bars was experimentally investigated in terms of constructability and overall structural performance.
The journal's official designation is AFRP 10-1, Air and Space Power journal, stock number 708007-00000-5.
The Aerial Fleet Refueling Problem (AFRP) (26) is concerned with inflight refueling of a fleet of Air Force aircraft.
The American Federation of Ramallah (AFRP) on 34-24 February held its Mid-Year Conference in San Jose, California, where it has approved a series of resolutions regarding the Palestinian national situation, and a number of resolutions relating to the situation of the expatriate community members.
Consequently, the FRP tendon is fabricated using carbon fiber (CFRP) or aramid fiber (AFRP) and produced with round cross sections similarly to the conventional steel tendon.
where [alpha] is the reduction factor for beams with GFRP and AFRP reinforcement given by the following expression:
In terms of mechanical properties and production complexity, basalt (BFRP) and aramid (AFRP) bars are somewhere in the middle, but they are seldom used in practice.
Box 979050, St Louis MO 63197-9000; calling (202) 512-1800 (voice), (866) 512-1800 (toll-free outside the DC area), or (202) 512-2104 (fax); or visiting on the Internet The journal's official designation is AFRP 10-1, Air and Space Powerjournal, stock number 708-007-00000-5.
The American Federation of Ramallah (AFRP) has concluded its first annual conference of the Ramallah Business Professionals Network (RBPN) which lasted for two days in Atlanta to discuss cooperation with counterparts in Palestine, and the development of Palestinian work in the United States.