AFRSAllergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis (disorder)
AFRSAir Force Recruiting Service
AFRSAvon Fire and Rescue Service (UK)
AFRSAir-Fuel Ratio Sensor
AFRSAppalachian Fruit Research Station (Kearneysville, WV)
AFRSAgency Financial Reporting System
AFRSArmed Forces Radio Services
AFRSAbbotsford Fire Rescue Service (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)
AFRSAmerican Forces Radio Saigon
AFRSAuxiliary Flight Reference System
AFRSAffidavit for Release of Surety (bail bonds)
AFRSAutomated Fingerprint Reader System
AFRSAircraft Fault Reporting System
AFRSAir Force Reserve Sector
AFRSAutomated Fitness Reports System (USMC)
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While the 7520 rate is used when contemplating an estate plan, it is also representative of other rates used, including the short-term, midterm and long-term applicable federal rates (AFR).
The AFRS charges squadrons with varying high-quality category I-IIIa goals, depending on a market's ability to recruit such applicants.
This article begins by looking at the EA recruiting mission, the AFRS organization, and its current training programs.
If an individual underpays estimated taxes, an interest penalty (compounded daily) will be imposed at an annual rate, adjusted quarterly, to 3 percentage points over the short-term AFR (applicable federal rate).35 However, no interest penalty will be imposed if either of the following applies:
Titanium Group Limited (, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Titanium Technology, is a leading biometric and security solutions provider featuring its proprietary and patented Automated Face Recognition Systems (AFRS).
The amount subjected to gift and income taxation in most cases is the difference between (a) the "applicable federal rate" (AFR) (3) and (b) the interest actually payable (if any) under the agreement between the parties.
The following other forms appear in the deep fill: AfRS forms 50B, 59B, 67, 68, 82, fourth-century grill stamp no.
Many environmental health authorities recommend the use of shock treatment in response to AFRs. For example, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (MD-DHMH) (2001) has developed a comprehensive protocol for the use of shock treatment as an intervention following a pool accident that may have released pathogens.
The Armed Forces Service (AFRS) was established more than 56 years ago in a cooperative venture between the U.S.
These events enhance the AFRS mission to inspire, engage and recruit future Airmen to deliver airpower for America.
(In fact, the test preceded the use of the applicable federal rates (AFRs) in determining the value of income and remainder interests.) As a result of historically low interest rates on U.S.