AFRSAllergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis (disorder)
AFRSAir Force Recruiting Service
AFRSAvon Fire and Rescue Service (UK)
AFRSAir-Fuel Ratio Sensor
AFRSAppalachian Fruit Research Station (Kearneysville, WV)
AFRSAgency Financial Reporting System
AFRSArmed Forces Radio Services
AFRSAbbotsford Fire Rescue Service (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)
AFRSAmerican Forces Radio Saigon
AFRSAuxiliary Flight Reference System
AFRSAutomated Fingerprint Reader System
AFRSAircraft Fault Reporting System
AFRSAir Force Reserve Sector
AFRSAutomated Fitness Reports System (USMC)
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While the United States continued to operate Far East Network (FEN) outlets of the AFRS in Japan for decades to come, the AAAS closed operations and reopened in the Korean War (1950-53).
For example, when the Air Force tasked the AFRS with an increase of 4,000 new recruits in fiscal year 2009, the command faced two choices: either "pour gas on the fire" or "peanut-butter-spread" the requirements.
Jurie Erwee, who today assumed the responsibilities as CEO of the combined enterprise, now called Marsh Africa, added: "The whole team at AFRS has been made to feel very welcome by our colleagues at Marsh and we look forward to a rapid integration of the businesses.
The AFRS Senior Fire Officer said, Our instructors will now incorporate their newly acquired skills and techniques within the firefighters Maintenance of Competency skills programme to ensure they are all updated with the latest advances in this constantly evolving field.
AFRS is a type I hypersensitivity reaction to fungal antigens, where clinically the patients are atopic and have unilateral or bilateral nasal polyps.
AFRS is not as well described as acute and chronic bacterial sinusitis, as AFRS has only been recognized as a distinct pathologic entity during the past 3 decades.
This article begins by looking at the EA recruiting mission, the AFRS organization, and its current training programs.
Over the years television was added, and AFRS became AFRTS.
ET AFRS "America's Popular Music" #727 (= 13928, incomplete)