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AFSAAmerican Foreign Service Association
AFSAAmerican Financial Services Association
AFSAAmerican Fire Sprinkler Association
AFSAAir Force Sergeants Association
AFSAAdoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (law)
AFSAAmerican Federation of School Administrators
AFSAArmed Forces Security Agency
AFSAArbitration Foundation of Southern Africa
AFSAAmerican Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association, Inc.
AFSAAustralian Fertiliser Services Association
AFSAAir Force Safety Agency
AFSAAssociation Française du Syndrome d'Angelman
AFSAAmerican Federation of Strength Athletes
AFSAAlternative Force Structure Assessment
AFSAAfghan Student Association
AFSAAssociation of the French Schools in North America (est. 1985)
AFSAAssociation Française des Semences Autogames (French)
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Herring has served on AFSA's Independents Section Advisory Board, serving as chair in 2012, on the board of the AFSA Education Foundation (AFSAEF), serving as chair in 2016 and 2017, and on AFSA's Professional Development Committee.
Hamby has been an active member and volunteer leader at AFSA for over 20 years, having served on several event boards, presented at conferences, and participated in various committees.
pdf) letter , AFSA noted that in a meeting with Pence's office weeks after he assumed office, the vice president's advisers had specifically asked the group to provide "reforms that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could implement quickly to reduce unnecessary burdens on financial institutions.
All the above algorithms are successful in improving the weak point of standard AFSA and get better performance in the corresponding fields.
I was astounded by the article in the March Journal about the AFSA roundtable with the so-called affinity groups.
An AFSA officer said that "the issue with DC is that they maintain opacity in the way they adjudicate clearance.
If the Montgomery County ordinance is allowed to go forward, it could open up the floodgates for other localities to follow suit," said AFSA in a written statement.
On behalf of my partner, John Jumper, I thank each of you for your continued service, and offer my sincere gratitude to everyone at AFSA for all you have done to improve the lives of our airmen and their families.
The two samples came from deliveries which date as far back as May 2001", said the AFSA.
Instead, the armed forces services collected Sigint separately, and even when the AFSA was set up to combine these efforts, the services maintained control over their specific code breaking and intercept activities.
Other government agencies and organizations taking part in the "Keys to Vehicle Leasing" educational effort are the American Financial Services Association (AFSA), the AFSA Education Foundation, the Arizona Attorney General, the Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors, the Cooperative Extension System, the Federal Trade Commission, the Florida Attorney General, the National Automobile Dealers Association, and the National Vehicle Leasing Association.
The AFSA has hired a Dream Team of lobbyists and consultants to push the Anti-Child Support Act.