AFSAAAir Force Studies and Analysis Agency
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Managed by the Army's Joint Theater Missile Program Office and only recently developed, the C3ISIM was less than two years old when the AFSAA analysts began exploring its potential.
With some help from the contractor who designed and built C3ISIM - Teledyne Brown Engineering, which lent AFSAA one of its software engineers - a creditable reconstruction of the Iraqi communications chain gradually took shape.
AF/SA has developed a computer analysis capability," AFSAA wired, "which has use in developing and evaluating air operations.
AFSAA offered to dispatch four analysts and their equipment to CENTAF immediately and allow them to remain in-theater for as long as their services were needed.
Prior to the team's departure from the US, AFSAA had sent a message to HQ CENTAF outlining the SA team's facility requirements: a climatically controlled environment, 12 kW of power and 200 sq ft of work space.