AFSASAir Force Safety Automated System (US DoD)
AFSASAir Force Director for Strategic Force Analysis
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System (AFSAS), Navy Safety Center, and the Army Combat Readiness/Safety
Based on the same AFSAS data mentioned earlier in the article, 40 percent of the datalink related mishaps involved aircraft initiating the lost link profile while aircrew attempted to fly out of turbulent weather systems.
Based on AFSAS data over a 10-year span (2006-2016), the mishap rate for MQ-1 and MQ-9 is less than 0.05 percent for datalink related issues.
Second, get yourself an Air Force Safety Automated System account (AFSAS).
Now you'll need that AFSAS account and some applied thought (although not much of the latter).
The simulation results demonstrate that four improved AFSAs can effectively enhance the convergence speed and optimizing precision by comparison with the standard AFSA.
(28.) Air Force Safety Automated System (AFSAS), Class A, B, and C mishap data, 13 January 2010.
The artificial fish swarm algorithm (AFSA) reflects many excellent properties in applications such as insensitivity to initial values, strong robustness and much flexibility in practice, optimization precision, rapidness to search the global optimum, tolerance of parameter setting, and searching adaptation [17].