AFSATCOMAir Force Satellite Communications
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A former Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Gerald Dinneen, met this problem head-on, pointing out that "wc go to the Congress and tell them that our WWMCCS has got to have a SMEWS upgrade, our Fuzzy Sevens have to be replaced by PAVE PAWS, we want to keep our PARCS and DEW in operation, we have to harden the NEACP, and we have to improve our MEECN with more TACAMO and begin planning to replace AFSATCOM with Triple-S--and then we wonder why no one understands," The extent of the problem faced by the uninitiated can begin to be appreciated by considering the following eveerpt from an Air Force document on the implementation of the new acquisition policy, A-109:
Among other platforms, AFSATCOM became the primary command and control system for the nuclear fleet--B-52s and land-based missiles.