AFSATCOMAir Force Satellite Communications
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satellites; 3) FLTSATCOM satellites, which, according to Air Force sources, also contain AFSATCOM UHF transponders; and 4) the UHF Follow On (UFO) constellation, which is now in the process of being launched.
The ability to communicate with the AFSATCOM communications satellite was added starting in the late 1970s.
Tasking Project Agency Follow-on Wild Weasel AF/XO ASPJ AF/XO F-16 self protection AF/SA Missile/laser warning SAF/AQ MILSTAR SAF/AQ Laser IRCM SAF/AQ Infrared search & track TAC B-1B defensive system SAC Nuclear asset security SAC/SP AFSATCOM SAC/SC Airlift defensive systems MAC/XP Harm Block IV & LCS AFOTEC