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AFSCAmerican Friends Service Committee
AFSCAlaska Fisheries Science Center
AFSCAir Force Specialty Code
AFSCAir Force Systems Command
AFSCArmy Field Support Command
AFSCAir Force Space Command
AFSCAir Force Safety Center
AFSCAgriculture Financial Services Corporation (Alberta, Canada)
AFSCArmed Forces Staff College
AFSCArmed Forces Services Corporation
AFSCAir Force Satellite Control
AFSCAfrican Friends Service Committee
AFSCAMC Field Support Center
AFSCAdvanced Features Service Center (AT&T)
AFSCAir Forces Services Command
AFSCAllowable Foreign Selling Costs
AFSCAir Force Supply Code
AFSCArtillery Fire Support Center
AFSCAssociation of Former Singing Cadets (College Station, Texas)
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Tras visitar la Ciudad de Mexico, Cuernavaca y los estados de Chiapas y Guerrero, el grupo del AFSC concluye que en la cooperacion bilateral y con el objetivo oficial de combatir al narcotrafico y al crimen organizado, el gobierno estadunidense contribuye "altamente" en la militarizacion de la guerra contra las drogas por medio de la Iniciativa Merida, instaurada en 2007 a pedido del gobierno mexicano.
AFSC manages and provides a variety of behavioral health services including life coaching, counseling, training, rehabilitation, transition assistance, recruitment and retention, and family programmes.
Finalmente, en el sexto analiza el autor a los Cuaqueros americanos, el AFSC.
We therefore respectfully request that the Norwegian Nobel Committee recognize Victor Ochen and the African Youth Initiative Network's work on behalf of victims of violent conflict by awarding them the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize," stressed AFSC.
In attempting to carry out its admirable goals, the AFSC faced three serious problems.
This option is reserved for members holding very specific AFSCs.
Shad were caught in 1178 of the 5612 tows by the AFSC (frequency of occurrence, FO=21%), and in 403 of 3762 tows by the NWFSC (FO=11%).
Shortly after the Bradley plan was adopted, Knerr was selected to command the VIII AFSC in the United Kingdom (UK), where it became his task to put the plan into operation.
The award events are organised by two prominent industry publications -- Scata by ITP, the publishers of the Air Cargo Middle East India, and AFSC awards by Cargonews Asia.
In reply, AFSC team managed 157 runs for the loss of seven wickets in 20 overs.
Military Bases Abroad," while Los Angeles noted the "Close the Bases Tour" stop organized by the AFSC, which aims to close the over 700 known military bases and unknown/secrete installations in 40 countries around the world.
Converting AFSC to ASC will link the industrial Army to the expeditionary Army and help provide greater logistical integration and support to deploying forces as well as redeploying and training forces.