AFSCSAir Force Satellite Communications System
AFSCSArmy Field Stock Control System
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Despite the importance of chicken species as model of birds for in vivo studies, little is known about chicken AFSCs until now.
In recent years, AFSCs have emerged as an alternative source for cell reprogramming and regenerative medicine since they display an "intermediate phenotype" between embryonic and adult stem cells, in addition to an active telomerase activity and a high degree of plasticity [23, 24].
While only a small portion of the Air Force had direct involvement with The Incident, any command, any base, any Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) that could claim the remotest involvement with the nuclear mission found itself in the midst of internal and external reviews of how it supported the nuclear mission in the past and how it could improve that support in the future.
For the CE Reservists participating in an lRT project, getting the chance to train together with people from other units, while gaining AFSC (Air Force specialty code) training, is a major benefit.
AFSCs are collected via amniocentesis or at birth without any harmful effects.
According to Headquarters AFSPC Manpower and Personnel and Manpower Requirements, "In the past 20 plus years, the AFSCs have drastically changed which makes it difficult to determine exactly which standard would be [used] for the 2M0s." (38) Additionally, CMSgt Joesph Lafferty, Headquarters Air Force Information and Logistics, AFSC 2M0 functional manager, confirmed, "No manning standard exists for the 2M0 community." (39)
AFSCs: Primary: K11F3Q, Fighter Pilot; Duty: 84H0, Historian
Despite the location of SCs in the different region, the SCNSCs, AFSCs, NPSCs, and CESCs possibly contain a proportion of cells having the same origin and biological characteristics.
For a complete list of opportunities and desired AFSCs, contact Maj.
(2) One initiative, released as Programmed Budget Decision (PBD) 716, directs the offsets to be fully executed by the end of fiscal year (FY) 2011 across most Air Force specialty codes (AFSCs) in order to minimize huge losses within a few areas.
"Tasked AFSCs Not Used as Intended in AOR." Air Force Lesson Learned.