AFSDAssistant Federal Security Director
AFSDAustralian Financial Services Directory (website)
AFSDAverage Fade Slope Duration
AFSDAir Force Supply Directive
AFSDActive Scripting Fast Disable
AFSDAssume For the Sake of Discussion
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The AFSD could be built on existing processes--meetings of the ASEAN+3 finance ministers (called the Economic Review and Policy Dialog) and the central bank governors (called the Executives' Meeting of Asia-Pacific Central Banks, or EMEAP) (24)--by involving the region's financial sector supervisors and regulators.
Below is a description of how AFSD addressed important telecommuting issues.
Description : Afghanistan Financial Sector Development Project (AFSD): AFSD increases financial inclusion and expands access to finance in Afghanistan by supporting the development of favorable, supportive and conducive enabling environment and by promoting innovative and inclusive solutions in the financial sector