AFSGAgrotechnology & Food Sciences Group (Netherlands)
AFSGAdvocates for Safe Glass, Inc.
AFSGAmputees and Families Support Group (Australia)
AFSGAdvanced Flight Sim Group (gaming)
AFSGAmphibious Force Support Group (USN/USMC)
AFSGAbacus Financial Services Group (est. 1967; various locations)
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Some of AFSG's advice is echoed in recommendations by Luttrull, including paying down the loan with the highest interest rate first (starting with credit card debt); putting some money away toward investments and retirement; and not being afraid to negotiate.
(ABN), Columbia, MD, has been named the worldwide exclusive licensee of a patent issued to the University of Hull (Great Britain) and the Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group (AFSG) of Wageningen University and Research Centre (previously known as ATO).
In conjunction with AK Steels ongoing strategic review of its business and operations, the company has reevaluated its investment in AFSG Holdings, Inc.