AFSICAlternative Farming Systems Information Center (USDA)
AFSICAustralian Flying Saucer Investigating Committee
AFSICAustralian Food Safety Inspection Company (Casula, NSW, Australia)
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The event has grown over the course of the last three years, more than doubling in size between 2014 and 2016 and relocating in that time from Brighton to London for AFSIC 2016.
AFSIC focuses on regulated African financial services companies, covering retail and investment banking, insurance and reinsurance companies, consumer lending companies, micro finance banks, leasing companies, African asset managers, stockbrokers and similar companies, based across all countries on the African continent including North Africa.
AFSIC provides a forum where regulated African financial services companies and dealmakers may undertake these focused business meetings with a wide range of private equity and listed equity investors, development finance institutions, and supra-nationals.
Day two of AFSIC followed a similar pattern with the first session (chaired by CPI Financial CEO Robin Amlot) consisting of a panel discussion and two presentations focusing on investment 'value', particularly in Nigeria and Kenya.
By bringing them all together in a room at a critical mass, we've been able to attract companies from across Africa that are looking for foreign investment to develop their operations either within their own country, or across a broad range of countries," Rupert McCammon, founder and Managing Director of AFSIC said, noting that everyone from supra-national investors such as the African Development Bank (AfDB) and World Bank sat alongside private institutional investors, as well as insurance, microfinance and leasing companies.
The event has gained considerable momentum since the inaugural AFSIC Conference was held two years ago," Rupert McCammon, founder of AFSIC, said.
The development of AFSIC has been facilitated by the attendance of many of Africa's leading investors, including funds like the African Development Bank, who will be speaking on their interventions in the Financial Sector, World Bank, IFC, many of Europe's leading development finance institutions, and institutional funds with a focus on the financial sector such as Helios, Leapfrog, Actis, Amethis, Triodos, and Africinvest.
The success of AFSIC is also reflected in a recent sponsorship deal with Oxford University's Said Business School -- which has, working in conjunction with AFSIC, kindly offered two completely free MBA scholarships, each worth Au45,000 ($68,000) to students in Kenya and Nigeria.