AFSJArea of Freedom, Security and Justice
AFSJAssociation of Filipino Students in Japan
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All these dynamics take place in the AFSJ, as newly designed by the Treaty of Lisbon, that will develop following the strategic coordinates established by the so called Stockholm Programme.
Hence the interest of a research on the topic of judicial networks, in order to verify if and how they help in determining the institutional balance in the AFSJ, and evaluate the consequences on the relations between EU institutions and Member State powers.
The Lisbon Treaty introduces many innovations in the AFSJ.
However, the evolution of the AFSJ shows that the EU cannot abstain from operating in fields that realize the context for the exercise of the four fundamental freedoms of the Union (in particular, freedom of movement of persons), and the premise of economic integration and common market (i.
The EU is permitted to legislate and develop policies on the AFSJ, but considerable deference is paid to the Member States.
National parliaments are specifically empowered to participate in evaluating the Union's efforts in the AFSJ.
See infra text accompanying notes 377-96 (discussing the AFSJ and the rights of the Member States).
This procedure in the AFSJ realm has been referred to as an "emergency brake.
This external dimension of the AFSJ was supported by his Dutch Government counterpart Gijs de Vries.
It asked that the democratisation of the AFSJ be placed on the agenda of the next IGC and is seeking the extension of the Parliament's co-decision rights to this area.
Participation in the opening ceremony of the Centre for International Studies at the Black Diamond* Mr Vitorino in Paris in the framework of a tour of the capitals for bilateral discussions on the AFSJ Scoreboard.
Points likely to be on the agenda:- Political and budgetary priorities for the year 2001 (human resources)- Budget: Commission policy and assessment activities in 1999 and 2000- Farm price proposals for 2000-2001- Dialogue on Europe - challenge of the institutional reform- Extension of the OCTs' association to the EU* Ant[cent]nio Vitorino in Luxembourg: February 14, a meeting with the Luxembourg Justice Minister Luc Frieden, as part of a tour of the European capitals for bilateral talks on the AFSJ Scoreboard* Frits Bolkestein in Frankfurt: February 16, meeting with Wim Duisenberg and Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, President and member of the European Central Bank Board* Poul Nielson in Thailand: February 17/20.