AFSMEAssociation of Federal, State and Municipal Employees
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The latest round of contracts with CSEA and AFSME resulted in 2% increases for 2018 plus modest retroactive pay, a 2.25% hike in 2019, and 2.5% in 2020-2022.
AFSME President Gerald McEntee, head of the largest public sector union, explained why it was important for public sector unions to participate in joint partnerships.
Mike Gritzuk and Ron Coder, international area director of AFSME, are shown in front of City Hall.
Although some have argued that contracting with independent private firms weakens the ability of government managers to control the provision of public services (e.g., DiIulio 1990: AFSME 1984), some government officials who have turned to contractors report that they have done so to increase control and better ensure performance.
Stephanie Clark and I successfully negotiated the AFSME (support staff) contract, which resulted in a fair deal to both the taxpayers and the District's valued employees.
board meeting: Ratify appointment of Sheri Moore, Ward 3 City Council position, Ratify AFSME contract reopener, approve intergovernmental agreement with ODOT on Glenwood connector path.