AFSOAir Force Smart Operations
AFSOAssistant Facility Security Officer
AFSOAfghan Football Support Organization (Newark, CA)
AFSOAir Force Special Ops (New Zealand)
AFSOAustralian Geological Survey Organisation
AFSOAviation Fluids Services Officer (Canadian Air Force)
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This is a prime example, he said, of how AFSO 21 thinking can benefit the Air Force.
Ltr, Gen Catton to AFSO, subj: Statement of Work, F-X Studies, 26 Nov 65; intvw, author with Cyrus W.
The general stressed the differences between AFSO 21 and the old Quality Air Force concept.
The Air Force is implementing AFSO throughout its entire enterprise.
AFSO 21 is an Air Force initiative that challenges people to look at ways to accomplish the Air Force mission more effectively and efficiently while maintaining quality and safety standards.
In this regard, it is easy to see that AFSO exists for the sole purpose of helping Airmen continue to strengthen mission capability.
Ron Jobo, ASC's AFSO 21 office deputy director, said he was pleased with the results from the off-site.
We hope you will take the time to review some--if not all--of the articles outlining exciting and important AFSO initiatives happening across the Air Force.
Evaluate current AFSO training policies and recommend improvements.