AFSOAir Force Smart Operations
AFSOAutism Family Support Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire, UK)
AFSOAssistant Facility Security Officer
AFSOAfghan Football Support Organization (Newark, CA)
AFSOAir Force Special Ops (New Zealand)
AFSOAustralian Geological Survey Organisation
AFSOAviation Fluids Services Officer (Canadian Air Force)
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According to regulations, it is required by the FSO or AFSO to describe matter, issue or discrepancies which constitute an offence under the Act, the rules or the regulations, which the food operator has failed to comply in due course of time.
With the Air Force hungry for cost-saving efficiencies under its Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century program, commonly known as AFSO 21, the parachutes were deemed obsolete.
Caring for People: Where AFSO 21, Quality of Work Life, and Quality of Life Intersect
energy, Air Force Smart Operations 21 (AFSO 21) fuel savings processes,
In essence, Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO 21) is another way in which innovative Airmen can leverage lessons learned at the local level to the Air Force at large.
I disagree with the following statement by Colonel Rinehart: "The proclamation that 'the continuous process improvements of AFSo [Air Force Smart operations] 21 will be the new culture of our Air Force' could just as easily have been made for the era of total Quality management" (34).
An AFSO 21 outcome can stem from one of the following three approaches: taking current processes and changing them, combining current platforms and executing them in new ways with reengineered processes, or using something completely different and out of the box by exploring new solutions.
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Based on this result, an adaptative frame size optimization (AFSO) mechanism is proposed to decrease the burstiness of frame traffic and improve the transmission efficiency in the 802.11 wireless networks.
The hotel's interior is designed by Hirsh Bedner Associates, based in Santa Monica, California, while the Horizon Club lounge, Piacere, the signature Italian restaurant and Nadaman, the authentic Japanese restaurant are designed by Andre Fu of Hong Kong based AFSO. There is a grand staircase, elegant chandeliers and bold carpets, complemented by a distinct touch of Japanese influence.
Air Force Smart Operations for the Twenty-first Century (AFSO 21) is the Air Force's initiative to recapitalize funds by maximizing value and minimizing waste in operations.