AFSOAir Force Smart Operations
AFSOAutism Family Support Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire, UK)
AFSOAssistant Facility Security Officer
AFSOAfghan Football Support Organization (Newark, CA)
AFSOAir Force Special Ops (New Zealand)
AFSOAviation Fluids Services Officer (Canadian Air Force)
AFSOAustralian Geological Survey Organisation
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This is a prime example, he said, of how AFSO 21 thinking can benefit the Air Force.
From the measurement results of different types frame traffic, it is implied that the change of mean frame size and proportion of data frame traffic can adjust the self-similarity (or corresponding burstiness) of the aggregated frame traffic, so we propose a new AFSO mechanism to achieve this aim.
For instance, is AFSO 21 just a short-term initiative to navigate the Air Force through a few years of treacherous financial waters?
The Air Force has assembled an AFSO 21 team to evaluate the core mission area and "conduct air, space, and cyber operations" (CASCO).
Ltr, Gen Catton to AFSO, subj: Statement of Work, F-X Studies, 26 Nov 65; intvw, author with Cyrus W.
The University of Tennessee was selected for the six-month training for "their depth and breadth of knowledge, and their willingness and ability to work with the military," said Keith Leitner, an AFSO 21 mentor and faculty member for the Center of Executive Education at UT.
AFSO 21 will encourage creativity within the force and leverage our talents to both reduce waste, and maximize our operational capability and availability throughout the total force.
We hope you will take the time to review some--if not all--of the articles outlining exciting and important AFSO initiatives happening across the Air Force.
David Frostman, AFSPC's mobilization assistant to the commander and AFSPC's AFSO 21 program champion.
Ron Jobo, ASC's AFSO 21 office deputy director, said he was pleased with the results from the off-site.