AFSO 21Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century
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AFSO 21 incorporates many different types of process-improvement models such as Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints.
For instance, is AFSO 21 just a short-term initiative to navigate the Air Force through a few years of treacherous financial waters?
The Air Force has assembled an AFSO 21 team to evaluate the core mission area and "conduct air, space, and cyber operations" (CASCO).
The ASD for Energy Security should lead a department-wide effort similar to AFSO 21 for fuel savings in other service aviation programs, maritime operations, ground vehicle operations, and facilities energy use.
The general stressed the differences between AFSO 21 and the old Quality Air Force concept.
AFSO 21's main goal is increased combat capability.
AFSO 21 is an Air Force initiative that challenges people to look at ways to accomplish the Air Force mission more effectively and efficiently while maintaining quality and safety standards.
"When we talk about AFSO 21, thinking outside the box should be the norm.
"Just the fact that senior leaders would clear three days from their busy schedules points out the center's commitment to process improvement; in fact, this is ASC's second AFSO 21 off-site in four months," Jobo said.
Jabour is with the Aeronautical Systems Center's AFSO 21 Office.
On his behalf, Rooney has already asked members of the staff to begin thinking about processes that could be streamlined with AFSO 21.
He has identified the ESC Plans and Programs Directorate as the lead organization for implementing AFSO 21 and for meshing it with ongoing Balanced Scorecard efforts.