AFSOFAir Force Special Operations Forces (US DoD)
AFSOFAnterior, Fontanelle, Soft, Open, Flat (pediatrics)
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AFDD 2-7 supersedes its previous version (dated 17 July 2001) and updates key AFSOF doctrine concepts and terms.
AFDD 2-7 includes short, interesting, and well-written vignettes portraying the birth of AFSOF and its evolution through the present day.
Every Airman having an investment in the application of airpower should read AFDD 2-7 because it provides a worthy introduction to AFSOF's unique mission, command relationships, and operating motive.
Furthermore, it goes on to list and describe AFSOF's core mission areas:
Emerging as a serious threat to AFSOF aircraft, the technology in radar-guided missiles is rapidly improving.
We see significant differences in AFSOF units before and after Desert One.
Similarly, AFSOC must adjust its campaign strategy to the GWOT by transforming AFSOF resources and newly acquired combat search and rescue forces into a capabilities-based force.