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Realising that his message may not permeate to the Urdu speaking majority of Pakistan, he repeated the sentence, in Urdu "Hamey bohat afsos hay".
Air Force Special Operations School (AFSOS) has taken a progressive approach in the development of this course.
Men are ungrateful and unmindful of their debt to their mothers, and women are "made to suffer atrocities untold", "robbed of basic rights, left out in the cold" (Afsos! Duniya men bahut tum par hue jaur-o-jafa/ haq talfian tum ne sahin, be meharian jheilin sada).
One female vendor, an assertive young woman, told us she did not regret selling her kidney and added that "what is done is done." Such comments were exceptions, however; more commonly we heard words, even from those who had paid off their debts, such as afsos (deep sadness, feeling sorry) and pachtana (regret, remorse) at the act.
Afsos (sorrow) that despite of my genuine ill health and heart by-pass operation, some people in Pakistan are spreading confuyion.
US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has extended his condolences today over the death of 28 Pakistani soldiers on Saturday's NATO air strike, saying in Urdu "Hamey bohat afsos hay".