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AFSOUTHAllied Forces, Southern Europe (NATO)
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Former AFSOUTH commander Lt Gen Glenn Spears and A-3 leadership allowed the JACCE enough latitude to pursue the Sovereign Skies initiative.
The AFSOUTH E-3 executed perhaps its first-ever Latin American flyby for the purpose of demonstrating US Air Force-DRAF cooperation and presenting the United States as a partner of choice.
Briefing, Rear Adm Charles Michel, JIATFS, subject: Air Component Campaign Plan Briefing by Interim AFSOUTH Commander Gen Jon Norman presented to Gen Douglas Fraser, 2 November 2011.
Dwight Eisenhower announced establishment of AFSOUTH as an allied integrated military command for the defense of NATO countries in Europe.
To offer just a few examples, after the campaign was over, the former AFSOUTH commander during Deliberate Force, U.
James Ellis, the AFSOUTH commander headquartered in Naples, Italy, who oversaw the U.
It might be thought from the foregoing that EC would be a fairly low priority for AFSOUTH.
Accordingly, he is laying particular emphasis on a strong EC content in AFSOUTH exercises, a point brought home strongly during JED's participation in DD '91.
For DD '91, October 1-15, 1991, AFSOUTH mustered an eight-nation force of 33 surface ships, six submarines, seven amphibious warfare vessels, three fleet auxiliaries, 100 carrier-borne aircraft, 4,850 ground troops and more than 250 land-based aircraft divided into Green and Brown forces.
Before looking at these various participants in more detail, it is worth looking at the historical background of AFSOUTH EC training.
Because of the perceived importance of EC training, AFSOUTH is constantly looking to supplement its capability.
Presumably the IFOR II force would be commanded by a European, however, it would be a NATO-directed force, reporting either directly through SACEUR or the AFSOUTH commander.