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AFSPCAir Force Space Command
AFSPCAssociation of Financial Supervisors of Pacific Countries
AFSPCAir Force Security Police Center
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According to the AFSPC commander, additional SSA capabilities are required to augment current capacity.
One additional innovation involves Air Force Material Command (AFMC) working with AFSPC to establish a Cyber Solutions Center in San Antonio.
Second, AFSPC, in concert with USSTRATCOM, should upgrade its antiquated software and databases utilized to track and catalog space objects.
Creation of a National Security Space Authority would give acquisition as well as requirements authority for both programs to one entity and one person, thereby stripping that authority from those currently holding it--the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), operated by AFSPC (for unclassified programs), and the NRO for classified programs, each with its own director.
AFSPC and AF/SGP, with support of the Air Force Chief of Staff (AF/CC) began marketing WarFit information across the Air Force in 2002.
7) The number of ISR Airmen assigned to support AFSPC or other space missions is not substantial enough to incorporate ISR for space training in technical school and does not warrant the creation of advanced space ISR courses.
Weston, Jeff, GS-13; AFSPC Comptroller/FMP--Peterson AFB
AFSPC oversees Air Force network operations to provide capabilities in, through and from cyberspace: manages a global network of satellites, and is responsible for space system development and acquisition.
Welsch, "Protecting the Heavens: Implications of China's Antisatellite Programs," (Research report, AU, 2008), 5--Recipient of AFSPC Best AWC Space Paper Award, AY-08; Ralph Sandfly, "China's Military Modernization: A Look Toward 2030," (Research report, AU, 2008) 2; and Stanley Stafira Jr.
Every member of AFSPC shares the privilege of serving the nation and our Air Force.
This fragmentation of nuclear forces, which split responsibility between ACC (bombers) and AFSPC (ICBMs), resulted in the loss of a single champion for all USAF nuclear issues.