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AFSSAutomated Flight Service Station
AFSSAutomatic Fire Sprinkler System (protection)
AFSSAnnual Fire Safety Statement
AFSSAutonomous Flight Safety System
AFSSAir Force Security Service
AFSSAutomatic Fire Suppression System
AFSSAgent Facing Support Site (Denver, CO)
AFSSAlberta Frontier Shootists Society
AFSSAsia Fuzzy System Symposium
AFSSAdvanced Fire Support System (US Army)
AFSSArmor & Fire Support Systems (US Marine Corps)
AFSSAdministrative Fire Services Section (California Fire Chiefs Association)
AFSSAutomatic Fire Sensing and Suppression
AFSSAgency Field Staff Support (insurance)
AFSSActive Frequency-Selective Surface
AFSSAutomated/Automatic Fuel Service Station
AFSSAir Force Systems Security
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In this context, this study was conducted with the purpose of establishing the relationship between the species in different designs of biodiverse AFSs and carbon stock, in their initial phase of development.
Hill and Radlein became the first members of the AFSS to lose their lives performing their cryptologic mission.
As reported in [11], manipulation of the radiation pattern of a horn antenna by using the amplitude and phase response of an AFSS proved to be available.
Many of the fruit tree species commonly used inBrazil's AFSs are known to be phytonematode hosts.
The key for both taxpayers (with or without AFSs) is the need to have a procedure to claim die property as an expense on its books and records, and the procedure must be in writing for taxpayers with AFSs.
However, a health system reorganization in the late 1970s intensified the workload of AFSs and induced disqualification (Belanger et al.
To make matters worse, a decline in reliance among investors on AFSs has a negative effect on the companies that issue them.
Lockheed Martin Flight Services (LMFS) announced open online registration for the Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) Pilot Web Portal and new Adverse Condition Alerting Service (ACAS).
It comes standard with an Automatic Fuel Saving System or AFSS, which can save as much as 20 percent in fuel costs, notes the distributor.
In the following, the solutions proposed in this article will be named approximate FLS solution (AFSS).
Researchers in Florida have determined that stem cells isolated from human amniotic fluid (AFSs) have the ability to differentiate into a variety of different cell types, making them a promising source of cells for research and for personal stem cell supplies.