AFSSAAgence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments (French: French Agency for Food Safety)
AFSSAAustralian Family Support Services Association Pty Ltd
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AFSSA is located at 27-31, avenue du General Leclerc, 94701 MAISONS-ALFORT, France.
Pharmatoka, producer of the dietary supplement, URELL/ELLURA, who originated the AFSSA Opinion dossier regarding the protection delivered by cranberry to the urinary tract, has announced that the DGCCRF recently published a Note of Information specifying the conditions required to allow a product to refer to this claim (validated by AFSSA in its Opinion dated 6 April 2004, as well as two subsequent Opinions concerning the same issue).
Local authorities jumped into crisis mode yesterday after France's French Food Safety Agency, AFSSA, published an opinion on the possible implications for animal and human health of newly available scientific data regarding the transmission of the classical scrapie agent via milk.
The recent announcement by French food agency AFSSA that British beef is as safe as other beef on the French market is still being considered by the country's ministers.
In a joint statement, the French agriculture, health and industry ministries added: "Scientific experts consulted by AFSSA said that given the latest scientific data and analyses, there were insufficient scientific guarantees to lift the embargo.
French food safety agency the AFSSA is to review France's ban on UK beef.
The French government's equivalent to the FDA or food safety authority, AFSSA (Agence Francaise pour la Securite Alimentaire), approved the claim that the North American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) can "help reduce the adhesion of certain E.
This study tested, in blind conditions, 270 samples provided by AFSSA.
In order to meet the highest quality standards specifications enacted by DDASS and AFSSA, the French equivalent of Food and Drug Administration, Poseidis started some major improvements of its technical installations at the source; new F3 drilling equipment with enhanced pumping and quality controls with the capacity to support the yearly production of 70 millions liters.
BSE cases considered in the analysis were in clinically suspected animals confirmed at AFSSA with Western blot or immunochemical tests and in animals with positive test results (same techniques) among the entire cattle population tested within the active surveillance program (11).
This study was conducted in collaboration between the Centre National de Reference des Campylobacter and Helicobacter, AFSSA, and l'Institut de veille sanitaire in France as part of their routine activity.
We are grateful to the French Army Bureau of Health, and particularly to Commandant Perraudin, for logistic support and help from army veterinary surgeons; all the personnel of AFSSA Nancy and "Entente Interdepartementale de Lutte Contre la Rage" who participated in data collection in the field, and in particular Jean-Michel Demerson for his high commitment; Evelyne Cain-Jouquelet for serologic analyses; and Tim Greenland for his constructive comments.