AFSSSAir Force Space Surveillance System (aka Space Fence; US Air Force)
AFSSSAutomatic Fire Sensing and Suppression System
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Active FSSs (AFSSs) with embedded pin diodes serve to this purpose by switching between the transmission and reflection modes [17].
In this paper, we demonstrate that the interwoven spiral arrays with periodic and tessellated conductor patterns proposed in [12, 13, 18] are particularly apt for realization of bi-state switchable AFSSs with integrated voltage control circuitry.
The dual polarised bistate AFSSs composed of intertwined quadrifilar spirals are presented in Section 3 where their performance is discussed in detail for the normal and oblique incidence of TE and TM waves.
Semiconductor switches, such as pin diodes, are commonly used to realize bistate switching of AFSSs comprised of dipoles and other element types; see for example, [17, 1924].
After the official transfer ceremony on October 1, 2004, the NAVSPASUR fence became known as the Air Force Space Surveillance System (AFSSS), which AFSPC planned to convert from a very high frequency (VHF) system to S-band.